As some of you may know, Jay Ryan is going to be taking a little break from NAR to focus on family and work. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we’ve been working on figuring out our next steps, as well as finalizing plans that have been in the works behind the scenes for months. After getting off a call with Bryan at CMoN, I’m happy to officially announce the next stage of our little NAR world. All of that being said, on with the show!

NAR Products

The big news is that NAR will soon begin marketing and selling Dark Age branded products! I know people have been dying to get a hold of Dark Age apparel and other accessories, and the NAR site will be the place to go. Our goal is to have the first products available for pre-order by the end of November in preparation for the holiday season. Stay tuned for more information! On that note, if you’re a graphic designer that has some ideas for products, like posters or other printed materials, drop me a line.

NAR Podcast

Moving forward, each episode of NAR will feature a guest from the DA community, such as Immortals and MTI winners. Episodes will focus on discussing the winning faction and build that was used, with emphasis on how to play the army, along with thoughts around the favorability of particular scenarios and secondary objectives. My goal is to make sure that the information is focused and useful for both new and experienced players interested in competitive play. Whenever possible, Bryan will also guest star to discuss new releases and hopefully a few spoiler announcements! If you’d like to be part of a podcast, or have a great idea for one, reach out to me and we can talk.

NAR Website

My goal is to make sure that the NAR Site is a single source of information for Dark Age players, and the site will continue to offer resources like the list builder, player finder and the wiki. I’m also going to continue to expand the information available (as time permits), including a tournament calendar, store locator, faction overviews, and lore, such as a consolidated archive of the history and geography of Attr. If you’re interested in helping out with web design or backend development, please let me know.

NAR Patreon

Thank you to everyone who has stood by us during the transition, and we will be updating the patreon with more reasonable supporter goals. At a minimum, Patreon supporters will get personal shout outs at the end of every NAR episode, as well as early access to podcasts as they are released. Patreon will be key to making sure we can keep the lights on and pay for our hosting and podcast services.

Got questions or ideas? Please let me know. I want to make NAR the go-to source for all things Dark Age, but it can’t happen without your help and support.




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